Oct 2022 Joint event: Statistical Society of Australia, and Canberra Data Science meetup
Sept 2022 Opening keynote for Innovation Day, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Nov 2021 Lecture at the Online Asian Machine Learning School, 2021.
Computational biology
Dec 2020 Tutorial at Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)
There and Back Again: A Tale of Slopes and Expectations
slides and videos
Nov 2020 Keynote at Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute BioinfoSummer
Machine Learning Guided Design for Genomics
Nov 2020 Industry presentation, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers, Virtual Retreat
Machine Learning for Scientific Discovery
July 2020 Distinguished speaker at the 1st Data & AI Conference of The Adecco Group
ABCDE: What to do with a predictor?
July 2019 Lecture at the first Southeast Asia Machine Learning School, 2019.
Mathematical Foundations
July 2019 Talk at Bukalapak, Jakarta: Human in the Loop Machine Learning
May 2019 Talk at RIKEN AIP, Tokyo: Studying Compositional Data using Bregman Divergence
August 2017 Invited speaker at ICML 2017 Workshop on Computational Biology,
Stability and Aggregation of Experimental Results
Nov 2016 Talk at EPFL: Machine Learning for Scientific Discovery,
March 2016 Invited speaker at Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium,
Finding Good Scientific Experiments with Machine Learning
Covers these PeerJ, PLoS ONE and arXiv papers.
Dec 2015 Tutorial at the Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2015 - A Data Analytics View of Genomics (slides)
Nov 2015 Workshop introducing machine learning to biologists (figshare)
Dec 2014 Invited speaker at the 2014 Australian Frontiers of Science - The edges of astronomy, organised by the Australian Academy of Sciences. (event website) slides youtube
July 2013 Invited speaker at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Student Council Symposium, Berlin, Germany.
October 2011 Invited speaker at the International Workshop on Open Source for Scientific Computation, Beijing, China. (workshop website)
October 2011 Presented at the Workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision, IST Austria.
July 2010 Presented at the School of Mathematics "G. Stampacchia", Workshop on nonlinear optimization, variational inequalities and equilibrium problems. (workshop website)
June 2010 Presented at the Workshop on Optimization and Learning: Theory, Algorithms and Applications, at the University of Metz, France. (workshop website)
July 2009 Visiting Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science (LITA) University of Metz, France, where I collaborated closely with Prof. Le Thi Hoai An.
June 2009 Invited talk on Machine Learning Open Source Software at the ICML Workshop on Evaluation Methods in Machine Learning.
August 2007 Visited Prof. Stephane Canu at INSA de Rouen, France.